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If you have an old POTAIN crane, some of the elements of which have already worn out due to long service life, you do not need to say goodbye to the equipment - contact Abtrade : we will carry out an overhaul of tower cranes at a high professional level at reasonable prices. Thus, you can extend the service life of the equipment, because it is often economically profitable to restore the performance of an old hoisting tower crane than to purchase a new one. After the work has been completed, the crane undergoes an inspection, and acts are drawn up.

You can ask for our help not only in case of severe wear and tear of the equipment: if your crane has a sudden breakdown, it is necessary to undertake urgent diagnostics and repair of the crane. The implementation of such work must be entrusted to specialists who are familiar with the technical characteristics of specific equipment and have been trained: the crane is a highly hazardous technique, therefore, working with it requires an understanding of the responsibility for any actions performed. The experience of our service specialists, who are well aware of the technical features and are annually certified at the plant, and the availability of a huge variety of reliable spare parts in the warehouse, allows us to make high-quality repairs of cranes in the shortest possible time.

We will carry out competent diagnostics, maintenance, replacement of necessary elements, and their adjustment, while you receive guarantees for work and fully serviceable equipment that meets all standards. You can clarify your questions and order a major overhaul of cranes by contacting us at the contact us via e-mail or phone number